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dropboxofcuriosities: “ 1965 ”

Today’s Halloween outfits come from supermarkets and chain stores, but vintage pictures show homemade creations that are darker and much scarier than their modern equivalents

Bear. 1924. #photography

Kids vintage Halloween bear costume, This big bad beast would frighten the grizzlies out of the bravest of souls!


Fotos Antiguas que te darán pesadillas Nº3 [Megapost].

scary photography Black and White creepy vintage horror b&w Halloween old morbid strange family murder costumes terror killer haunting killers Midwestern Murderers

That could be me from 50 years ago, lol !!!

That could be me from 50 years ago, lol !!!

Eeeeeekkkkk!!! Nightmare City!

This is a creepy old photograph of someone dressed up as a clown and lurking around a lonesome corner on a winter day. There is nothing to identify this man or to indicate exactly when or where this photograph was taken.

A man pointing at a human skull next to a table of human skulls, c. 1850 - Imgur

Exhibition: ‘Cabinet of Curiosities: Photography & Specimens’ at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City


Ralph Eugene Meatyard - - “Untitled (Masked Boy Standing in Doorway)”. S) Ralph Eugene Meatyard … not just some badass imagery, but one of the coolest last names in the history of art.

Originally published October 31st, 2013: Perhaps it's just the old, faded photos but it seems to us from looking at these vintage photographs that...

Halloween Used to be Creepier

creepy clown masks on pioneer women while man plays fiddle vintage halloween photography,

apothecary halloween ephemera skull skeleton etsy edgar allan poe

Victorian Medical Student Cigarette Case Business Card Case Wallet Cabinet Card of Doctor Medical Student Holding Skull with Skeleton Bones


An image of Miss Mary McCandlish by David Octavius Hill, Robert Adamson, (I know absolutely nothing about this woman, but she looks a bit.creepy to me. As if the secret she knows is about the bodies buried in the garden. Gives me the shivers.