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This reminds me of A Great and Terrible Beauty (she looks like how I imagine Felicity)

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure - 2005 THEIR DRESSES! WHY COULDN'T I BE IN THIS MOVIE?

Young ladies in training, preparing to serve the noble families. One girl undergoes the most rigorous training for she is going to the princess. Who, the girl finds out, is anything but a lady.

MA reconstruction at the clavichord

Dakota Blue Richards in character as "Maria Merryweather" in "The Secret of Moonacre", 2008 this is a good movie


Vans Unisex Authentic Skate Shoe

Historical Accuracy Reincarnated

Victorian skirt and jacket. Add a top hat and veil, and a bouquet incorporating gears, keys metallic what-have-you and this would be an amazing Steampunk wedding dress for a winter bride.

This is simply victorian. Beautifully so.  With the right accessories, it COULD become steampunk...or not.

Original Pinner wrote: "A goal to reach for my steampunk character: Cera Bennett-Copperfield when she's about town or spying on the elite.


❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful photography of women and flowers - Drew Barrymore as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” - Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

The Maker | Rosalianne

"Tuck said it to Winnie the summer she turned Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don't have to live forever. You just have to live." Tuck Everlasting, book and movie


"Dream Walkers - Chapter by GailWagner - "Cordelia Jameson has met the boy of her dreams. In modern New Yor…"