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Otimismo e pessimismo

Im going to remember this everytime someone asks me if I am a glass half empty or half full kinda person - My answer is going to be "Depends on which way round the fish is!" Which will make sense to no one who hasn't seen this image.

Science Cartoons Plus -- The Cartoons of S. Harris

Science Cartoons Plus -- The Cartoons of S.

Virus vs. Retrovirus. Science is the coolest thing on Earth. Here is the proof

Biology: T-Shirts

Retroviruses are another type of virus. They have RNA instead of DNA. They infect cels and make them make copies of the virus until the cell bursts and spreads the virus. AIDS is a result of the retrovirus HIV

The Sciences . .

Funny pictures about Multiplication and Division. Oh, and cool pics about Multiplication and Division. Also, Multiplication and Division.

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"Next question: I believe that life is a constant striving for balance, re…" - New Yorker Cartoon Poster Print by George Price at the Condé Nast Collection