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Hilarious TVC by Mother New York for Virgin Mobile. Are you sure you don't need a new phone?

Happy Accidents (Virgin Mobile) by DTan. Agency: Mother New York


Laughing Rooster The rooster "machine gun laughing".

Paper vs. paperless--this is AWESOME and the French accent makes it even better. Only 39 seconds long.

The Paperless Future - 'Emma'

Ipad vs Paper Funny Commercial Ad - Must Watch - Funny Commercials Compilation 2013 30 Most Interesting Ads Funny ads

❁«KawaiiOverload»❁'s post on Vine

scientist air cannon prank :) the first bit is a little slow, i recommend skipping to the good stuff at

Ford Australia: Cane Toad Road

Ford Australia: Cane Toad Road Two cane toads

Cane Toads are a pest in Australia. They poison pets and injure humans and you won’t find many sensible Australians who have any sympathy for these creatures. Ford took that as a starting point for a new commercial for the their Falcon model.

Scoobystep, A Scooby Doo Dubstep Remix by Pogo

Scoobystep, A Scooby Doo Dubstep Remix by Pogo

I've long been a fan of Scooby and the gang and this dubstep is a creative way to promote these classic characters.

Supersonic Freefall - Red Bull Stratos CGI

Baumgartner preparing for his Supersonic Freefall - Red Bull Stratos Mission tomorrow -- October Watch live!

Of Mice And Women - Scary Mouse Prank - http://www.worldbuzzmedia.com/2014/11/22/of-mice-and-women-scary-mouse-prank/

Man gets women to help him setup the mouse trap to catch 1 mouse but they find ton of mouses when they turn around. 1 mouse trap isn't going to catch .

Mad Men Rick-Rolling | The Cast Of Mad Men Perform Rick Astley's 1987 Hit Never Gonna Give You Up. | Footage Taken From Seasons 1 - 4 Of Mad Men. | This video was made for Richard Sandling's Perfect Movie, a monthly stand up comedy show about films at The Leicester Square Theare, London

Solo para fanaticos - Mad Men Perform Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up

The IT Crowd - Series 1 - Episode 2: Fire!

▶ The IT Crowd. This show delivered the most consistent belly laughs of any show I've ever watched. I'm in love with Moss.