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GB Raven - Revan

I decided to try to do a more mature GB of Raven Other one: I especially love the one with the rabbit ears I mixed Bunny Raven/Revan together with the W.

This is one of the reasons why I really can't stand Cartoon Network anymore.

My brother watched this fourth wall episode of teen titans go and they showed the old teen titans and the new teen titans and everyone were like "we were so cool back then!

Static Shock knew how to pull off a good cross-over!

Static Shock knew how to pull off a good cross-over! <-- lol, i would definitely watch more of that. i love how bruce encourages the humor, because i really think that's how he would be<--Conroy always NAILS Batman

beast boy and raven. They needed to make an older Teen Titans, not this Teen Titans Go shit. Turned a teen show into a kids show. #smh

glimpses 3 by on deviantART Beast boy has always been my favorite raven a very very close second.<<< My fave is Starfire :) and then it's beastboy, robin, raven, and cyborg is last (I never really was a big fan of him as much as the others)