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Современный одноэтажный черный дом контрастирует с красивой природой

Residential Architecture: Storm Cottage by Fearon Hay Architects: “.Located on the east coast of Great Barrier Island, New Zealand – a black rough sawn timber box sits looking north to the s…

19 Examples Of Modern Scandinavian House Designs | The all black exterior of this simple home gives it a modern look and helps it stand out from its surroundings.

19 Examples Of Modern Scandinavian House Designs

House Morran - a renovated cottage sheathed in black pine tar-coated plywood near Gothenburg, Sweden by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur Photos by Rasmus Norlander

turkel design: 806 изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

This floating house somewhere in the Swedish Archipelago floats this sweet little floating retreat that a husband and wife escape to on weekends.


Situated in a quiet area about 350 meter from the water edge on Råbylille beach, the Black& Bright house was designed by German architect Jan Henrik Jansen

AXT architecten

AXT Architekten: Guest house in Weidingen

In western Germany, Weidingen, the architecture firm AXT Architekten has designed this small guest house. Embodying the architectural codes of the homes in the area, this small volume of one piece is divided by walls li .

Особняк с минимальным потреблением энергии...Пражская студия дизайна «ASGK design» спроектировала особняк с минимальным потреблением энергии, расположенный в одном из пригородов Чешской республики. Компактное и комфортабельное жилище с фасадом из натуральной древесины предназначено для проживания небольшой семьи и окружено лесами и водоемами...http://fasadnews.ru/?p=14667

House Zilvar by ASGK Design is an angular wooden home in the Czech countryside A+Awards: next up in our collaboration with Architizer is this energy-efficient wooden home on the outskirts of a small.

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House Morran by Johannes Norlander, Gothenburg Archipelago , Sweden "The new facade is cladded in plywood, coated in black pine tar just like the traditional way of preserving wooden boats.

13 Modern Prefab Cabins You Can Buy Right Now - Photo 2 of 13 -

13 Modern Prefab Cabins You Can Buy Right Now

13 Modern Prefab Cabins You Can Buy Right Now - Photo 2 of 13 -