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I know these are sparrows, but they're just so pretty, I had to stick them somewhere and I didn't feel like creating still another board.

House sparrow--the English word "sparrow", is a term for small active birds, coming from a root word referring to The Latin word domesticus means "belonging to the house", like the common name a reference to its association with humans.

oahu tree snail -critically endangered

Oahu tree snail photos and facts

Lord Howe Island woodhen - endangered

Learn more about the Lord Howe Island woodhen - with amazing Lord Howe Island woodhen photos and facts on Arkive

Yonenaga's Atlantic spiny-rat -endangered

Yonenaga's Atlantic spiny-rat - View amazing Yonenaga's Atlantic spiny-rat photos - Trinomys yonenagae - on Arkive

So beautiful!

An owl is a nocturnal animal that you will e able to explore at our Night Prowl tour! Don't miss out on the Tallahassee Museum's awesome nightlife!

Mountain anoa amongst vegetation -endangered

MOUNTAIN ANOA (Anoa quarlesi) --- Mountain anoa are found only on the islands of Sulawesi and Butung in Indonesia. They are rainforest animals, and prefer areas with dense vegetation, permanent sources of water, and low human disturbance.

Ultramarine Lorikeet | Ultramarine lorikeet (Vini ultramarina)

Ultramarine Lorikeet | Ultramarine lorikeet (Vini ultramarina)

gsfrenchshabbylife:  4quarius:  eastern screech owl by Hem Tripathi  My what pretty eyes!

Petit-duc maculé, MEGASCOPS ASIO, gsfrenchshabbylife: eastern screech owl by Hem Tripathi My what pretty eyes!

Long-tailed climbing mouse -endangered

Learn more about the Long-tailed climbing mouse - with amazing Long-tailed climbing mouse photos and facts on Arkive