Boat neck with cotton lace overlay. If I find this dress, my LBD search will be forever over!

Paws a Commotion Dress. Your BFFs can always count on you to show up the crowd with your trendy fashion sense, but they havent seen anything until you saunter into the party while rocking this panther-printed dress! #blue #modcloth

In the Pig Leagues Now Socks

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The Pine Room Dress. This item was picked by you in our Be the Buyer Program and will be sold exclusively online at ModCloth! #green #modcloth

Embracing Basic Long Sleeve Top in Spruce

The Pine Room Dress, Size Medium (fits like a large). Limited Swap, ideally looking for this in a small!

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Sweetly Scalloped Dress in Navy

Sweetly Scalloped Dress in Navy. You just cant resist adding an extra touch of sweetness to your wardrobe with this navy dress!

Take a Stunning Jump Tights

Alluring Acres Dress in Peacock. The sprawling meadows surrounding the farmhouse where you grew up may be miles away, but you can keep that pastoral scene blossoming bright in your memory by donning this darling dress!

Gloria Noire

Gloria Noire

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