How sick would this be as a half sleeve

Infinite Dreams - Dreamy Digital Paintings of Whales Flying Across the Sky by Artem Chebokha


Digital Painting / Concept Art / Landscape / Castle / SciFi / Science Fiction / Other Planet / Future / Surreal / Mystic / Fantasy //♥

This is sick. I could achieve this with time and some more tutorials on photoshop. Perhaps I'll see what GiMP can give me.

Today we feature the work of Pete Harrison, one of my all time favorite digital artists. Pete's photo manipulation work and talent for lighting effects is seriously impressive. Check out his awesome works today!

Digital Fantasy Art

Since 2010 Christian Gerth has been working closely with digital art as a sideline. This can be either compositions, photo editing or even completely painted images. Often Gerth has an idea or a mental image and wants to bring it on “paper”.

ascension by ALL RIGHTS ARE OWNED BY MEGATRUH. I do not own this image.

ascension by megatruh - Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken Anindita

See You in Outer Space... by SeanSoong

The promise of exploring space begins with the bottom of this illustration and is made clear by the top like a movie. This piece is "Fly Me to the Universe, My Darling" by SeanSoong

Kaladesh Plains, Anthony Avon on ArtStation at

The amazing digital art of AnthonyAvon Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop: Sci-fi and Fantasy

2D Forest Pack by Mikael Gustafsson

2D Forest Pack

A forest pack for Unity. I tried to do an animation shader for the grass but It didn't end up like I wanted. I'll probably include it in next…

Master of the books by Waldemar Bartkowiak........Click on image to enlarge....

The Zyne Legacy Contemporary Fantasy Books - reincarnating witches, demon shifters, soul-sucking wraiths, and elemental mysteries. // Master of the books by Waldemar Bartkowiak

You! Be Inspired! – Artist Paints Dreamlike Scenes of Flying Whales

Artist Paints Dreamlike Scenes of Flying Whales

Digital artist Artem Rhads Cheboha has created an amazing series of digital artworks depicting fantasy scenes of flying whales and other sea creatures above the clouds.