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There was a backside?!

Back Side? this has happened to me so much. Dude what did you answer en question ? back side Question test

Why does it take three times to plug something in that only has two options?

Things I deal with.

Somehow, even if we think we know which direction that USB cable is supposed to plug in, you always second guess yourself when it doesn't go in the first time. Here are a few tips to rid your life of this annoying phenomenon.

15 Hysterical "True Story" Guy Moments - Rage Comics - Ragestache

My best friend laughed at me for doing this.but then she saw a story on the news about people who stalk by webcam. :P --------- creepy comment

Ha it doesn't bother me but it bothers basically everyone I'm friends with!

Even numbers

i always put it on an odd number! i have a phobia of even numbers!

Future of Communication is..TELEPORTATION | ImaGine What-s NeXt

exactly what you said!☆} I remember when I was like 5 dad would carry me to bed when I fell asleep on the couch! Such good memories.

Rage Comics :) This is art

This is art… // The funny thing is, I think it is. I think no matter where you find beauty, be it in a museum or in the sunset or in a mud splat on an old van, it is art.


That Moment. And then there's that moment where your teacher tips your chair back while you are yelling and holding the wall until you are all the way on your back in the corner laughing.

Girls vs. Boys getting ready in the morning...Boys win.

Funny pictures about Girls vs. boys before school. Oh, and cool pics about Girls vs. boys before school. Also, Girls vs. boys before school photos.