Have you tried to go blonde and ended up orange? Find out how to fix orange hair and reach a more pleasant shade.

Killer Strands Hair Clinic: How To Achieve a Level 8 Hair Color, the Most Difficult Of All Colors

Killer Strands Hair Clinic: The “Level System” in Hair Color = Simple to Understand - Universal in Nature - a Must for Home Hair Coloring Success

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Modern Bohemian Lifestyle: Remove Brassy Orange-Yellow Tones From Your Hair. Basic educational overview on Toning hair :)

When I was thirteen years old, I thought it would be a good idea to try to bleach my hair at home. I wanted the whitest platinum blonde colour and had watched my brother bleach his hair countless times, so I thought everything would be fine. With my box of Blondissima in hand, I expected the "super

My Guide to At Home Hair Dye and Bleach Lightening

A complete guide to bleaching your hair at home, including product recommendations, hair porosity testing, maintenance, and everything else!

net's little corner: Purple Hair - Ion Color Brilliance

I've been dying my hair black, and adding small bits of purple to it on and off for years now. But my dream hair has always been all-purple/.

Ion color Brilliance Master Colorist Series Permanent Creme Hair Color Midnight Blue Black

ion color Brilliance Master Colorist Series Permanent Creme Hair Color utilizes pure ionic micro pigments for deeper, more intense color.