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This might be the best thing ever! So cute and nerdy too!

Awesome nerdy necklaces, I want the X-men symbol for dad and I. :D 26 Nerdy Necklaces

The Mighty (And Many!) Masks of Spider-Man [Infographic]

The Mighty (And Many!) Masks of Spider-Man [Infographic]

The Many Masks of Spider-Man — Infographic — GeekTyrant - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on s

Pete Parker by Axis

Little Red Riding Hood - Spider-Man by Axis *<---i love the fact that he's wearing his spidy suit with a spider man hoodie over it

Batmanın gothamının gılıyık

Funny pictures about Bat Monroe. Oh, and cool pics about Bat Monroe. Also, Bat Monroe.

The Cast of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" as Superheroes. I don't watch this show, but I love The Justice League & The Avengers.

The Cast of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" as Superheroes

The Cast of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" as Superheroes No why is Ben not in the batman suit!

God created our skin tones with beautiful variety, 神様は, 私達の肌の色を, 美しいバリエーションをもって創造された.  but all of our souls are the same color. しかし, 私達の魂は, 全部同じ色なのである.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I BELIEVE. God made all people different for a reason: so we could learn to accept that difference in ourselves and in each other. God loves us all equally and I wish we could all do the same for each other.

Touching, I know. Brutal honesty

Friday Dopamine Dump (38 photos)

Mentos leaves a letter on the table to Diet Coke saying Dear Diet Coke, I Feel Youre Overreacting, Sincerely Mentos

Is your life's philosophy "Always let your conscience be your guide" or are you "mad, bonkers, off your head!" ?

Which Disney Philosophy Do You Live By?

The Flash as Handwriting | 8 Superheroes as Fonts

8 Superheroes as Fonts

Minnesota-based designer Matthew Olin created a series of superhero typographic posters for his MFA Thesis exhibition entitled Some Type of Hero.