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“Frog in my throat” means “to be unable to speak clearly because your throat feels dry or blocked”. Example: In the interview I got a frog in my throat and had to cough many times before I could answer the questions.

"Boozehound" is someone who drinks a lot of alcohol. Example: Tom is quite a boozehound - he has half a bottle of whiskey for lunch!


"Have your heart in your mouth" means "to be very nervous". Example: Mary had her heart in her mouth because it was her first day at school.

"Hooked" means addicted; to like something so much that you need it every day. Example: I really like Holly, my new girlfriend. After just two dates, I'm hooked!

"Hooked" means addicted; Example: I really like Holly, my new girlfriend. After just two dates, I'm hooked!

Castello di carte

“House of cards” is a plan or system that could easily fail or be destroyed. Example: The peace agreement between two countries was like a house of cards and quickly fell apart. Want to learn English?


"Cry wolf" means "to ask for help when you do not need it". Example: If you cry ​wolf too often, ​pe - idiom.

Up a tree: in a difficult situation #English

"Up a tree" means "in a difficult situation". Example: They found the drugs in his suitcase, so he was up a tree.



Alcohol is bad for health essays Alcohol's Effects on the Body. May Men who drink alcohol daily have an highly increased risk of health risks. Drinking alcohol causes tired eyes, bad skin

The middle of nowhere

“The middle of nowhere” is a remote and isolated place. Example: The hotel I booked was in the middle of nowhere so it was nice and quiet.