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"700 lives" Bungalow25 for Bristol-Myers Squibb #bngalow25

lives" for Bristol-Myers Squibb

Just beautiful. Dressage is so elegant.

Dressage i would Slips mane after bathing her then later when i unbraided her mane it was beautful and wavey

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Mexico travelguide

This looks like a dreamy vacation spot! How pretty is this view and having the swings at the bar. We love cool travel locations and this one is now on our list!

Big Blue Bear at Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado #sculpture

"I See What You Mean" by Lawrence Argent ~ the Big Blue Bear sculpture peeking in the windows of the Colorado Convention Center in Denver

Artist Layers Custom Cut Glass and Wood to Create a Stunning Ocean Illusion Table - TechEBlog

design by Duffy London - the Abyss table, which is created in a way that mimics the depths of the oceans. This unique table uses multiple layers of stacked glass and wood, completing the table as a three-dimensional representation of a geological map.

Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets. Liquid water, surface temperature (responsible for water in the liquid form), and presence of chlorophyll are essential for life as we know it.  Perhaps the chlorophyll could be introduced (?)

Funny pictures about Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets. Oh, and cool pics about Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets. Also, Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets.

Resultado de imagem para esculturas de gelo

Do you want to build a snow man?

Resultado de imagem para esculturas de gelo

The magical world of ice sculptures at the festival "Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival Bruges

Because I can do what I want, and you can't stop me! <<< I DO WHAT I WANT, YOU DON'T RUN MY LIFE

Because I can do what I want, and you can't stop me!

As much of the U.S. swelters in summer heat, a group of mathematicians and artists can look back fondly on chillier times.    Every winter, ski mecca Breckenridge, Colo., hosts the International Snow Sculpture Championships. Stan Wagon, a professor of mathematics and computer science at Macalester College, has assembled a team to compete in it almost every year since 1999.

Whirled White Web -- Silver Medal, This intricate snow sculpture was designed by Brent Collins and Carlo Sequin.