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We're happy to present this excerpt from one of our favorite sites, HowAboutWe. Let's face it, beards can be magical! Read these insightful reasons as to why the ladies go crazy for guys with beards. Do you love beards? Have you ever felt your jaw

GUYS: Don't let your friends out-beard you! Seriously though.it's and I'm looking for 3 guys wanting that sexy thick beard! Our HAIR


for people who love beards


25 Tattooed Guys with Amazing Hairstyles

Male long hair style is very diverse depending on the model you want to obtain. Both straight hair and curly ways to make it very easy. If you want a neat piece just use hair oil or pomade, but if …

http://chicerman.com  billy-george:  Like father like son  #streetstyleformen

pandcoclothing: Chris John Millington and Ethan both wearing our black skull and arrows tee. Available in kids sizes online too!

The new collection from sunglasses brand ToyShades, featuring Ricki Hall. Photographed by Dani Riot. www.daniriot.com

The new collection from sunglasses brand ToyShades, featuring Ricki Hall…

A little grunge with your hotness?!

This is where I want to be both physically and style wise. Have work to do. Love the beard!


30 Classy Tattooed People Who Show That Body Art Doesn’t Make You Look Unprofessional

Tattoo Lust: Beards & Tattoos III | Fonda LaShay // Design → more on fondalashay.com/blog

so good that I saw it again and had to post it again! black thick full beard mustache undercut lots of good tattoos tattooed tattoo ink bats misfits decepticons transformers handsome sexy beards bearded man men mens' style stylish

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In summary, do not ever underestimate power of your business logo in regards to attracting men to your product. Men need a number of casual shirts for assorted occasions. It's always suggested for men to pick the very best suit to wear.

Tuxedo Bib Drop Shoulder

Tuxedo Bib Drop Shoulder