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The End of a Dream by SpazzyDragon13.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Update Levels, Reds, Contrast/Brightness -- "Dreaming of the way it used to be Can you hear me? The End of a Dream

Celia releases a raven in her audition. A raven symbolizes darkness and secrets. Therefore, this scene may represent the secret both Celia and Marco withhold from one another that they are rivals in the competition.

Residual Haunting by AshlieNelson

Colab with My Wife This Is Dedicated to Hope you like it sweetie In the terminology of ghost hunting, residual hauntings, also known as restligeists (Ge.

Tainted Hearts and Full Moons by silentfuneral on DeviantArt

Colab with the Wife [link] Dedicated to We Love you Kat - Model - Background - Textures Tainted Hearts and Full Moons

Credits Model Crows Background Brushes Copyright © 2011 by aninur All rights reserved. Peace in her heart

Ghostly Encounters by *silentfuneral on deviantART

Colab with my Wife [link] Dedicated to Hope you like it sweetie - Model - Background - Textures & Fog Ghostly Encounters

Temptation by: Ashlie Dawn Nelson @ http://devildoll.deviantart.com/gallery/ (© Sean & Ashlie Dawn Nelson - All rights reserved.) https://www.facebook.com/AshenSorrowDesign

Temptation by AshlieNelson

Goddess Seduction by AshlieNelson

Dedicated to - Model - Background - Textures Goddess Seduction

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Woman in purple-black goth-Victorian outfit with umbrealla/parasol in the rain.