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Haikyuu - true,  except the last one...  I hate milk!

Haikyuu - true, except the last one. I hate milk! -- How do you expect to grow strong bones without drinking milk

I love the 'fanfiction' Suga.. He is very Bold and Kinky.. quite a contrast #hqtexts #daisuga Haikyuu!!

I love the 'fanfiction' Suga. quite a contrast Haikyuu!<<<that's from Friends, btw. i immagine that happened

haikyuu, oikawa, iwaoi, iwaizumi

My favorite Haikyuu character, for me he is the prettiest setter, one of Haikyuu most powerful character. I wish he acknowledged that he always be the king, and be happy.

Me on the outside: These dorks are made for eachother Me on the inside: *breathes heavily* JUST GET IN NED TOGETHER ALREADY!!!

Kageyama x Hinata (KageHina) & Tsukishima x Yamaguchi (TsukkiYama) from Haikyuu!