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Scrapbook Paper Wall Art.  I am so doing this!

DIY Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

Sometimes I get so excited about a DIY project that I forget to take an adequate amount of pictures of the process to share with you guys. Anywayyyy, after s.

Com isopor e tecidos faça lindo painéis para sua casa.

DIY Wall Art Ideas and Do It Yourself Wall Decor for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Teen Rooms

Scrapbook paper and dollar store frames. Cheap decorations for a big wall!

Art DIY Version - I could make a wall decor set like this with scrap book paper or fabric and revamped dollar store frames.

Make Wall Art Using Styrofoam

12 x 12 scrapbooking paper glued to styrofoam. Cheap and cute dorm decor! @ DIY Home Crafts

Home Dec Tutorial: DIY Custom Wall Art with Fabric + Foam (It’s easier than you think!) | Crafts 'n Coffee

save lids to things (like old shoe boxes) and cover with fabric to make decorative wall arrangements! Just glue or staple the fabric (could even use scrapbook paper) and hang! ** Cute idea using your fav fabric to hang in your sewing room!

DIY: Fabric Canvas Wall Art

Creative Wall Displays: Gallery Walls and more

Just grab a yard of your favorite fabric and a few different size canvas and staple… EASY! @ DIY Home Ideas

Colorful art ideas....scrap paper or fabric?

We found these colorful, collage wall art pieces on PB Teen and think they are just the right size for those thinner, in-between window and corner wall areas

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Love this DIY wall decor idea for teen rooms! Check out the how-to for step by step instructions.Discover more kids room decorating and organizing tips and ideas @ kidsroomdecoratin.