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New Book Launch: Modernist Cuisine at Home -- Move Over Alton Brown

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These photos were all taken IRL. They are from "Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking". There is a Ted Talk from the author about the ideas behind the book and how the photos were taken (see comments).

Centrifuged foods, from top-left: cau­li­flower, Galia melon, white onion, let­tuce, cel­ery, cucum­ber, pea, leek, broc­coli, grape­fruit, apple, car­rot, plum, straw­berry, tomato, blue­berry, beet, egg­plant, kid­ney bean, potato.

Scott Visits Ireland, Talks Modernist Cuisine, Centrifuges Everything in Sight

This week I had the extreme privilege to get a lesson in food photography from Ryan Matthew Smith, the principal...

Behind The Scenes With Modernist Cuisine’s Food Photographer Part 1 –Getting The Shot (Tips, tricks, lighting info and other goodies from an insanely talented food photographer.

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Watch Top Chef: The Modernist Cuisine Lab online.

As you may know, one hallmark of the photography in Modernist Cuisine is their use of cutaway photos that show.

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Sous Vide Shrimp in Pea and Celery Water with Charred Onion and Shiitake Mushrooms - Seattle Food Geek

How Modernist Cuisine Photographs Cross-Section Cooking

Scott Heimendinger of Modernist Cuisine shows us how and why ordinary kitchen equipment is sliced in half for the amazing cross-section photographs of food p.

Ryan Matthew Smith / Modernist Cuisine, LLC

These Spectacular Cutaways Give You An Insider’s View of Your Food

Cooking in Section: Capturing the Energy of Food Nathan Myhrvold’s brainchild, the six-volume Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, is known as much for its rigorous breakdowns of.

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Famous Foodies Imagine Dinner Plates From The Future

The Plate Project - What We'll Be Eating in 35 Years: Food&Wine asked famous thinkers to sketch out predictions on paper plates.