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Avimimus portentosus

Avimimus portentosus - a feathered dinosaur - an oviraptor

Coelophisys bauri - an ancient dinosaur

Coelophisys bauri - an ancient dinosaur

Tarbosaurus one of the most successful tyrannosaurus ever it lived in asia during the cretaceous. It was taller than a full grown man, but not as famous as its cousin

John Conway Tarbosaurus bataar and Gallimimus bullatus I don't think this really needs a description. it's a tyrannosaur about to chomp an ornithomimid (obviously), in Late Cretaceous Mongolia

Rinchenia mongoliensis - aka Oviraptor mongoliensis

The Oviraptor Mongoliensis looks amazingly alot like the occellated turkey (Which is also pictured in this album)

10 недавно открытых динозавров – Naked Science

Colossal new predatory dino terrorized early tyrannosaurs - HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News

Deinonychus antirrhopus by Carlo-Arellano

A lot of people don& like the fact that theropods (raptors, tyrannosaurs, and the like) had feathers. And that bugs me.