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Illustration by Gerard DuBois.

Illustration by Matt Bandsuch for "Hand-me-down Blues: Ending Depression's Legacy" in the Spring 2010 Stanford Medicine Magazine. It's a story by Tracie White on depression in teens.

Hand-me-down blues - 2010 SPRING - Stanford Medicine Magazine - Stanford University School of Medicine

Sometimes it’s smart to get angry. Find out why in this Op-Ed from the Sunday Review. (Illustration: Gérard DuBois)

Sometimes it’s smart to get angry. Find out why in this Op-Ed from the Sunday…

Ilustración Gérard Dubois

boy with ball on beach, Gerard Dubois

Gerard Dubois

Gerard Dubois

João Vaz de Carvalho

Cabells, pels i bigots: il·lustracions de João Vaz de Carvalho



Transplant drugs appeaf to protect against Alzheimer's - http://scienceblog.com/78751/transplant-drugs-appeaf-protect-alzheimers/

From Stanford Journal of Medicine

Illustration by Shout for "The Riddler - Teaching Medicine One Mystery at a Time," an essay by Abraham Verghese.

The riddler - 2009 FALL - Stanford Medicine Magazine

Some little bottle drawings | Katt Frank

kattfrank: “ Some little bottle drawings.

1,2,3.., a signed art print by Gérard Dubois.


a signed art print by Gérard Dubois.

Carll Cneut was todays classs inspiration. I took photocopies of birds got the students to choose one and then cut it in half encouraging them to draw the missing half.  I think this would be a great class with many different subjects and types of students, it was certainly well received in this class.

the art room plant: Inspiration from Carll Cneut

Gérard DuBois et le New York Time.

When Writers Expose the Dead

Obsesif-Kompülsif Bozukluk Bunaltı yaratacak ve kişinin normal işleyiş yetisini, çalışma düzenini, sosyal etkinliklerini veya ilişkilerini bozacak şiddette tekrarlanan saplantılar (irade dışı gelen, bireyi tedirgin eden, bilinçli çaba ile kovulamayan, inatçı biçimde yinelenen düşüncelerdir) ve zorlantılarla (çoğu kez saplantılı düşünceleri kovmak için yapılan, irade dışı yinelenen hareketlerdir) tanımlanır.

The Brain's Silent Majority - How the Other 90 Percent of Your Brain Works. An illustration by Joe Morse for Stanford Medicine Magazine Fall

Nouvelle Vague #WOWmusic

Nouvelle Vague @ Circo Voador - by Conrad Roset