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JOhnny Depp and Kate Moss

The complete evolution of the classic little black dress in 31 photos: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, 1990

Kate Moss

Eastern culture has always had an influence in fashion.

Kate Moss Cannes 1995, wearing the Shampoo Dress

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Kate Moss and Sofia Coppola, 1994

luxisdying: “ kate-jam-and-diamonds: “ with Sofia Coppola, 1994 / ph: Rose Hartman ” ”

We're pretty sure we own Johnny Depp's beanie and Moss' pants look like they could seamlessly fit into Tory Burch's most recent spring collection.

Behold, The Most Stylish Couple Of The '90s

Fashion Over Reason

young Kate Moss jeans leopard bag white t-shirt blonde natural hairstyle