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Joe Kitteh.

Cat with sunglasses in a hammock Art Print by Rüdiger Poborsky at King & McGaw

black and white, butterfly, fashion, glasses, vintage

Inspiring image black and white, butterfly, fashion, glasses, vintage - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Serious cat, Any one knows his real name?

Serious Cat is a popular image macro featuring a picture of a white cat …looking srsly serious. The image is typically accompanied by a caption that reads: I Are Serious Cat. This is Serious Thread.

Uh oh...he's been caught! | writing prompt | photo prompt | elementary writing | story starter

Cats Who Are Trying The Paleo Diet

Perfect specs. #eyeglasses

Puppy in glasses is the cutest thing you will today Shiba-inu Puppy: Zoey puppy in glasses too cute!

BIGBANG TOP... Love a man with glasses

TOP - Big Bang oh god, his arms! *sigh* I think I have a problem.<---he is freakin' beautiful! i think i have a problem too lol :D

a big wet one

I pinned this because it is a good example of how Scout and Jem are. Jem tries to be protective of Scout because he is the older brother and she is the younger sister.

Caperucita - Disfraces para animales

Little Red Riding Cat "I have just realized that, run as I might, I will never escape the Big Bad Wolf, because it has been a part of me all along." -This cat

funny cat stuff

Most days I wish I was a cat. Actually all the days I wish I was a cat.

The Lowchen has a very happy outlook on life. Friendly with almost everyone, it brings cheer and joy to any household. Sensitive and loving, the Lowchen craves affection and attention from family members. These dogs are highly intelligent, easy to train and eager to please.

The Löwchen or Little Lion Dog is a breed of dog. A small dog, they are considered by some registries as a toy dog and by the American Kennel Club as a non-sporting dog.