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Liga contra el cáncer, Autoexámen

Give your fingers a better use. Examine yourself for testicular cancer Print Advertisement by Young & Rubicam

Sext yourself til you get hard  New ballsy (sorry) campaign for Liga Contra el Cancer (League Against Cancer), via Peru.

Xbox Your Balls (Testicular Cancer Ads)

The Print Ad titled League Against Cancer: Smartphone was done by Y&R Lima advertising agency for product: Testicular Cancer Prevention (brand: League Against Cancer) in Peru.

Simple Saturday #outfit by kelseyinfo

Simple Saturday ~ just a few minor adjustments. lower the heels on the boots and . Like the brown & turquoise combination.

Coke Zero - Sweater Generator

can't lie, we had a go at this - Coke Zero's build your own Christmas sweater

Inside Van Gogh.

Oh look, the dissected organs of Salvador Dalí, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso

Brilliant ads by DDB Brazil via L-artiste Famous Artists Dissected for MASP Art School Salvador Dali , Vincent Van Gogh , and P.

These Playing Cards are the brainchild, design and illustration of Connie Lim.

Eye-candy scenes that will arouse positive emotions. Create scenes in Photoshop easily and use graphics for individual or commercial projects.

Oh My! Designer's Toolkit

Stunning Designer's Toolkit > This product was created to help designers make eye catching graphics

If you see something. Say something. hiddenviolence.nl Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Great series of ads "If you see something, say something".

Шедевры рекламы

This theory is illustrated via safe sex ads with flaccid angel penises doing non-sexy things.

"Stereotypes in Advertising" Lesson Plan

Got Milk ad diminishing women to emotional and illogical stereotypes. I'd be floored if this ad champaign has boosted sales with this demeaning approach.