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Childhood was Sunday evening with Walt Disney. Sunday night provided a wonderful family tradition, where the whole clan would gather around to be entertained by the imagination of Walt Disney. Sunday nights were magic! Only TV we got to watch all week!

Disney's Magic Kingdom truly is magic. Don't really care for any of the other Disney parks, but they do a great family cruise.

Read my Disney balloon memory from my Cast Member days at the Magic Kingdom! Balloons in front of Cinderella Castle, Walt Disney World. I love those ballons I want one

I Am a Disney Nerd | from http://www.IAmADisneyNerd.com

Be A Nerd - I am a Disney Nerd!this looks like me in cartoon form.the hair, the glasses, the eyes, the books, the everything Disney related.

The princesses?

If Disney Princesses Went To High School surprisingly accurate. Not just high school.real life too! I know these peeps in real life!

"This last guy is my type..." The last guy is what I seem to get, regardless of what I oil for..

Not every prince is romantic…

Nailed it. Thanks Mulan, for being the only Disney movie with an accurate depiction of how men behave. Love Disney but so true lol>>> and it's not proper Grammer to say you fight good. Your supposed to say you fight well

"Finally, someone who listens!"<---- this commenter must not have noticed her new outfit features a MUCH longer cape.

Finally, Someone Who Listens!

One of my favourite parts in the movie!! Credit to IG || DisneyDictionary

17 Reasons Why Anna Should Be Your Favorite Disney Princess. Annd this is one of my favorite parts of the movie(:

Paperman - Full Animated Short Film  ....love lost and love found...sweet  6 minute animation

Disney Posts Oscar Nominated "Paperman" Online In Its Entirety

NEW Disney short-Paperman - Full Animated Short Film.so incredibly adorable

this never happens

Finding out a guy likes you is like when Anne Hathaway found out she way the princess of Genovia: Me? A Princess?… Shut Up! # Real life: (Guy's Name) He Likes Me? Shut Up!

6 Bonus Songs From "Frozen" That You Need To Hear Favorite- more than just the spare and life's too short :)

6 Bonus Songs From "Frozen" That You Need To Hear

6 Bonus Songs From "Frozen" That You Need To Hear. Maybe these songs will be included in the frozen musical on broadway !

Tangled "Stars"                                                               @Bonnie Hans So this is what it looks like from my window huh? I could get used to it :)

when iDie iWant everyone iKnow noMatter where they are to write a memory about us on a paper lantern and let it go Previous pinner ^^ Pretty good idea though. I love Tangled!