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Red Bull Jello Shots

Then pop a few of these Jell-O shots.

well I dont want the whole redbull n vodka -- I DO LOVE the idea of yummy cherries stickin outta the top of some jello figgler! (Gojee - Vodka Red Bull Jello Shots Recipe by Food Republic)

St. Patrick's Day pudding shots

Pistachio Pudding Shots: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen - (instant pistachio pudding mix, milk, vodka, lots of whip, sprinkles)

Candy Corn Jello Shots :: Make these treats with or without alcohol for your Fall or Halloween Party. Recipe on HoosierHomemade.com #Recipes, #JelloShots

Candy Corn Jello Shots

Cupcake Jello Shots with cake vodka and whipped cream and sprinkles on top!

Birthday cake jell-o shots: cup cream soda cup cranberry juice cocktail 1 tbsp heavy cream 2 envelopes plain gelatin cup cake-flavored vodka Few drops food coloring, if desired Whipped cream - fresh or store-bought Sprinkles for garnish

Adult Jello Shots - no the jello mom used to make!

Who doesn't love jello? Well, these are not your average jello recipes - these are the adult only version - jello shots recipes!

For Fourth of July parties. The easiest way is cherry jello (with vodka), blue raspberry jello (with vodka) and cool whip. Sooooooooo delicious. : Share Food Pics, Explore mouth watering food pictures

4th of July Jello Firecracker Shots

of July jello shots of July Shots: Cherry Jello (with vodka), Blue Raspberry Jello (with vodka), and Cool Whip.

Jello shots

Bubble gum Jello Shots: Knox- one packet Bubble Gum Syrup- One Part Bubble Gum Vodka- One part Enjoy. My Jello Americans: Walk and Shoot Gum

http://imgur.com/gallery/Jr8at Whoever created this list.. thank you.

Whoever created this list.. thank you.

Vootbeer...Vodka Rootbeer...preferably diet rootbeer...minus the whipcream although presentation is nice here

Whipped Cream Vodka + Root beer + whipped cream + cherry = Hello big girl root beer float :D

Cocktail Poster by Konstantin Datz via trendland #Cocktails #Poster #Konstantin_Datz - by Repinly.com

Cocktail Poster by Konstantin Datz A zombie drink? This means we need to have a Walking Dead or Zombie Movie party!

4. Shots de licores y sabores para fiestas de adultos. Sólo necesitas tu licor favorito, gelatina sin sabor y azúcar. No olvides visitar nuestros artículos y decoraciones para fiestas de adultos: http://www.siemprefiesta.com/celebraciones-especiales/fiestas-para-adultos.html?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=Pin&utm_campaign=Adulto

Caramel Apple Jello Shot (w/real apples). Not sure about Jello shots, but maybe Jigglers for the grandkids. Bit of a change in the recipe. Jello shots for the adult kids, though!

Mango and Blackberry Vodka Cooler

Mango and Blackberry Vodka Cooler

Possible signature cocktail for launch party? A refreshing Mango and Blackberry Vodka Cooler recipe made with Zubrowka vodka that is known as the bison-grass vodka. Perfect for any cocktail party.