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El equipo de formación de Cafés Candelas se ocupa de enseñar a los profesionales de la hostelería la elaboración de capuccinos artísticos (Latte Art) y cócteles de café.

Gear up for National Coffee Day by considering some of these unique coffee drinks to keep out those Monday morning blues.


Urban Espresso ~ Fine-Art Print - Vintage Coffee Art Prints and Posters - Vintage Advertisements Pictures

Coffee - a magic elixir in any universe.  #coffee

Coffee Foam + Art

Coffee Latte Foam Art of Saturn and the Solar System is served on on the USS Enterprise of Star Trek fame.

Yum! A delicious combo of Peppermint Bark & Belgian Cookie (Speculoos)!

It's made with Torani peppermint bark sauce and sugar free belgian cookie syrup. For more Holiday recipes, visit our recipes section online.

25 Coffee Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die - well 2 are in Portland, Oregon so I guess I'm going.

25 Coffee Shops Around The World You Have To See Before You Die

coffee over coconut ice cream! -- Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland, Ore.-- 25 Coffee Shops Around The World You Have To See Before You Die

We know it’s hard to put down your pumpkin spiced latte in favor of any other warm winter drink. But that will get a whole lot easier once you read these 16 absolutely sinful hot chocolate recipes. Looks like its time to start stocking up on marshmallows! ;)

16 Sinful Hot Chocolate Recipes You Have to Try

Cut the Wheat, Ditch the Sugar: Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer: Low Carb, Sugar Free...

Low Carb, Sugar Free and Gluten free recipes for all

Bring in the fall season with a warm spiced fall drink hat you will grow to love during the autumn season.

Treat yourself to a Cereal Milk Latte by following this easy breakfast drink recipe.

Cereal Milk Lattes


Good Morning Lovely Cappuccino Cafe Japanese Coffee Latte with Marshmallow Animal Face?

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Coffee is one of favorite drinks for many people. Drinking coffee helps to wake you up or make you relax. There are more reasons for people to love the classic drinks besides taste of coffee. The process of preparing… Continue Reading →

Кофе|Чай|Печеньки – 285 фотографий

Affogato al caffè is a fun, elegant, and effortless dessert made of a few scoops of gelato over which you pour espresso coffee.

Here we have great example of what is a Ristretto... So what is a Ristretto for those who don't yet already know ? Is it a special shot of coffee.. You may ask? Well yes and no. A ristretto shot is the sweet part of the coffee, its where mostly solubles and oils are exstracted out before being diluted whith espresso, Meaning Its naturally more sweeter and taste less bitter Next time u order your coffee at any good coffee shop you can ask for a DBL Ristretto Fw, & be blown away

It’s not easy selecting the best coffee in town, but we’ve happily done our research, downing cup after cup of the good stuff. Behold our picks for Melbourne’s best coffee and the spots to drink it. Caffeinate away.