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Bacon is one of the most popular and oldest meats in history.  This infographic highlights twenty awesome facts about Bacon in a mouth watering way.

Hey guys, after you all loved our last bacon infographic, we thought we would share this one with you. Its been made by the people over at icanhasinternets and its shares 20 awesome things about bacon.

Bacon facts

We all love Bacon! It makes our mouths water, our stomach happier and our lives just damn better! Check it out now - Infographic - 25 Facts About.

Bacon-flavored jelly beans

Bacon Flavored Jelly Beans Bite into juicy bacon in every bite of these weird swine tasting bacon flavored jelly beans.

Bacon stuff. Yes! Rubber chickens? Sure. One of my favorite places to shop. EVV AHH.

Bacon Collection from Archie McPhee's, yhey fave other yhings that inclde bacon jelly beans, bacon bagages, toothpasre!

ThinkGeek :: Bacon Hot Sauce  All out of my bottle from last year :(

Bacon Hot Sauce~Bacon Hot Sauce combines two things near and dear to our hearts-bacon and hot sauce.

Bacon Gravy

Bacon Gravy

Bring On A Heart Attack With Bacon Gravy Mashed potatoes with bacon in them are delicious, but they require a little extra work. First you have to make the bacon, and then break it down into small pieces so you can mix it into the mashed potatoes

Bacon popcorn #bacon

BaconPOP microwave popcorn box of 3 bags)-With BaconPOP, we've combined the great tastes of butter and bacon with premium Midwest popcorn to create a delicious anytime snack. Whether you're working late in the office, are having movie night at you