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Davina Wilby

A summer season of free graduate art and design exhibitions from around the UK

Rosanna Webster | iGNANT.de

Rosanna Webster

Rosanna Webster mixes photography and projection in this beautiful series featuring several different animal costumes. A Beautiful Cross of Projection and Photography Photo by Rosanna Webster, via.

oliver morris -

When photographers intentionally capture more than one image per frame, surreal, complex layered images like these 33 eye-catching multiple exposures can result.

In the trees

I like the idea of using projection. I would take my own image that would represent 'freedom' like birds, open outdoor spaces or sky as if flying.


There's something about the city that worms it's way into your heart. Whether you've been there all your life or two months, if you've made the city your home, she has given you a piece of herself to resound within you, forever.

LOVE/HATE /LIGHT DARK Black and white photo. Woman stanfing in front of a projector with galaxy, star pattern, observing her shadow.

A better idea of what I think would look great on a wall, but imagine some of Hannah's pictures from the Alps!

Or even easier grab some footage of moving coloured clouds? I just think it needs to be something fluid and dreamy for the imagery

Melvikn Sokolsky photographer

Great way to develop your photography or experimentation skills by doing some projection photography. Could link it to hidden identity, disguise, alter ego/multiple personalities or expression. List is endless.