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Vintage record sleeve collection

Vintage record sleeve collection!

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(generic) sleeve RPM, cover graphic - "Supraphon Record": Flamenco, by 'Panic & Cernem'.

Mary Ann McCall Sings – vintage record album

Brilliant colouring for "Mary Ann McCall Sings." Uncredited, though makes me think of Alvin Lustig or George Giusti at their best.

https://flic.kr/p/mMXug | CRG

graphic design Graphic Design Graphic Design illustration Stefan Sagmeister Happy Show exhibition invitation

Spring - Polydor - USA - 1970s

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vintage factory record sleeve envelope kavel rafferty vinyl graphic design

Vintage record sleeve collection!

Vintage Polish LP sleeves

Another gorgeously handled and coloured Polish record jacket, this time from Muza records and signed by a guy named S. Zakowski - Hats off to his level of mastery.

Supraphon (Czech) by NFSA Australia

Supraphon is the best known Czech record label which was established in 1932

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Great use of an old pattern standard for this Columbia Records sleeve. Originally quilt like and folky, but modern and edgy here.

says the front is rather kaputt, but the design is cool, so well worth including. another German Amiga record company sleeve.

Album Cover: The use of transparency aids the continuous fluidity of the formed circle. Furthermore, each colour appears to both compliment and contrast the former, creating various tertiary colours within the overlaps.

United Artists -UK - 1969-vorn

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Sidewalks of New York – Guy Lombardo vintage album cover 1950s

"Sidewalks of New York" by Guy Lombardo, LP, Decca Records, - Vintage Album Cover Graphic Art Unknown.

Former Czechoslovakia - Supraphon

When it comes to cover art, the more disposable and often generic tends to have bad cards. Here is a selection of 30 incredible record sleeve designs from behind the Iron Curtain.