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He gave a similar answer when he was on Hello Counselor. Lol. Kim Heechul: always willing to dress as a woman if there are no real women around.

Heechul...you're definitely special

Always gonna be proud that I am an ELF because of these guys

True Love : Super Junior

The feels:( when I heard my double bias duo Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun talking about the accident, I cried. So glad SUJU are still together today and despite all of the drama, are still best friends.

Only Heechul and Hongki! I swear! | allkpop Meme Center

Only Heechul and Hongki! I swear!

No wonder Heechul and Hongki hang out together.they have so much in common.like bashing their own company lol allkpop meme center

I hate Heechul so much. He has my heart

Amazing how fast his hair grows! Seriously hoping he'll keep it short! He looks good either ways but I love his short haired look the best!

Heechul Private Account Update with Hangeng .. OMG HanChul !!! ♥

Hangeng comments on his recent hangout with Heechul + his thoughts on the possibility of starring in a production with Super Junior.This made me happy :)

Super Junoir's Ryeowook with bandmates Donghae and Sungmin.

Super Junior's Ryeowook shares pictures from backstage of 'Super Show 4'