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Hamming for the camera ... Chinchilla cuteness.

Chucking the chins of chinchillas causes cheer both to the chinchilla and the…

Profile of chinchillas as pets, basic information about chinchillas and basic care information

Want to Keep a Fluffy Chinchilla As a Pet? Do Your Homework First

A woman from Tallahassee, Florida, took to Craigslist after her boyfriend insisted she get rid of her pet chinchilla because he is ‘creepy’ and ‘reminds of him of a rat’.

Teeny, tiny chinchilla paws...

Chinchilla feeding facts: A small food hopper or heavy ceramic dish is the best…

Warm temperatures are more of a concern for chinchillas than cool temperatures, so care must be taken that pet chinchllas do not become overheated URL: http://chinchilla.co/ FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/castoroil.org

Chinchilla has the softest fur compare to other pets, they are very quiet and easy to feed, you will love this cute and adorable pet.

I will some day get another one loved mine little Chico the Chinchilla

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Chinchillas Personality: These cuddly critters are incredibly sweet and quickly bond to their families. Chinchillas are also very sensitive and temperature dependent; they should never be kept in an environment over 75 degrees or they can get sick.

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Chinchilla: características, comportamiento y hábitat

Chinchilla: características, comportamiento y hábitat

Chinchilla Treats and Precautions - Dried Rose Hips, Rosemary, Parsley, Hibiscus, Apple, Papaya are some safe treats

Chinchilla Treats and Precautions - Dried Rose Hips, Rosemary, Parsley…