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La cosa es tomarte el vino en compañía, charlando con alguien, pero por si en alguna ocasión prefieres tomarte la botella tu solito/a, aquí tienes una opción propuesta por la bodega italiana Matteo Correggia y la agencia Reverse Innovation.  Librottiglia recoge tres vinos, dos tintos y uno blanco y los viste con unos relatos de escritores italianos. Los relatos están creados para encajar con la personalidad y estilo del vino.   Las botellas son de las pequeñitas de 37.5cl y puedes leer ...

While a traditional wine pairing typically couples a specific food with its red-or-white match, Reverse Innovation believes that wine is best served with a

13. vino ruta diseño etiqueta

13. vino ruta diseño etiqueta

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Wine Labels by Pia Storm & Rine Boland Folden

The Francis Ford Coppoloa "Carmine" Wine Jug was designed by Sfaustina. The story goes Francis' father Carmine used to keep wine jugs in his basement where young Francis would play. One day Francis tried to carry a jug from one side of the basement to the other with a pencil through the handle, but the pencil broke and the jug smashed. This design is to recreate Francis' childhood...

30 Creative and Unusual Wine Label Designs

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Design of bottle and graphic for pediatric range. child’s range has been designed in line with the Babé full range of products, using illustrations made specially for this design, and with the double objective of identifyi…

Interesting take on wine packaging (Better than the silly names likes "old git")

Fantastic Examples of Package Design

Hedgehog Whisky - Lasuite Atelier

Hedgehog Whisky on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

verpackung25 packaging bottle wine

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Maison Chatou (Student Project) - love the whimsical illustrations.