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.@Nichole Radman Czajkowski I don't know why I find this hilarious!!

The suspense is killing me!

I can't look at this without giggling.

Funny pictures about Trust fall. Oh, and cool pics about Trust fall. Also, Trust fall.

HAHAHA, can't count how many times I did this to the cook where I used to work!

Waiter, the food was delicious, could you compliment the cook for me please? Harold, you are beautiful.

Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes -- click for link to full list

Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes

Funny pictures about Three-Year-Old Daughter's Quotes. Oh, and cool pics about Three-Year-Old Daughter's Quotes. Also, Three-Year-Old Daughter's Quotes photos.

U make me laugh!

Road signs: What they REALLY mean. (I can't stop laughing at this.) The christmas tree one is the best!


Loorly Prawn Dines part trois


Las redes sociales en la vida real / Social networks in real life :P ;