Princes Street – Edinburgh, Scotland

Looking down onto Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Medieval, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland photo via m.e.

We plan to buy land in Scotland. So beautiful! I'm Scottish :) Medieval, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Night Lights - Edinburgh, Scotland , from Iryna

Night Lights, Edinburgh, Scotland - Why you need to visit Edinburgh this year. Edinburgh for life.

Remember this street well ... we had no idea how beautiful Edinburgh is until we saw it ourselves.

Edinburgh,Scotland - Missing this beauty

Snowy day, Edinburgh, Scotland

Snowy Day, Edinburgh, Scotland This was not taken by me, but I have stood right in front of this place and admired the architecture. I love coming across pins of places I have been but neglected to get a photo of!

edinburgh, scotland

edinburgh, scotland

Grassmarket historic market place in Old Town ~ below Edinburgh castle, Scotland

Grass Market, Edinburgh Castle at the top of the picture. We'll be spending 3 nights with a castle view in the Grass Market area in October!

Edinburgh,Scotland 2003 320 (by Bruce Aleksander & Dennis Milam). Tolbooth Tavern

The Tollbooth Tavern, Edinburgh Scotland is part of the original Canongate Toolbooth which was built in 1591 the building was used for collecting tolls from travellers entering the city. The pub is haunted.

The city of Edinburgh, Scotland! 19 Reasons Why Scotland Must Be on Your Bucket List.

19 Reasons Why Scotland Must Be on Your Bucket List. Amazing no. #12

{Edinburgh, Scotland} Beautiful view of the city of Edinburgh

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland wanna go to great Britain

The Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

❥ The Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom. Holyrood Abbey is a ruined abbey of the Canons Regular in Edinburgh, Scotland. The abbey was founded in 1128 by King David I

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK This looks beautiful. One thing you should know, many Scottish people are offended at Scotland being called part of the U. My baby daddy is one of them. Edinburgh is a very beautiful city.

Edinburgh Castle and Tulips!  I had a bit of a tripped out haunted visit to Edinburgh Castle, which only makes me want to go back.  How 'bout you Deb?

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland- Looks so pretty but once inside it is a plain military garison. Still Edinburgh is my most favorite place in the world to travel to.

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh + Tips for Traveling to Scotland.

Edinburgh & Castle Driving the Coast of Scotland

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh + Tips for Traveling to Scotland, England, and France

Cobblestone Street, Edinburgh, Scotland Found @myalltme favoriet

Cobblestone Street, Edinburgh, Scotland cant Wait to leave!

The enchanting path ~ Edinburgh, Scotland

The enchanting path ~ Edinburgh, Scotland