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Blitzen, Hearthstone, Samirah, Alex, and Magnus! I think that's Alex Fierro. Not so sure though.

Blitzen, Hearthstone, Samirah, Alex, magnus they all look super cute

Magus Chase is such a great character!  Thank you Rick Riordan

I full-on cried when Frey is trying to explain himself and Magnus just gives him a hug because gods I love Percy but he never did that

Sam from Magnus Chase

Samirah al-Abbas<< this is a lovely drawing but the hijab kind of is supposed to cover all her hair

mallory keen | Tumblr - I ship them so much, despite not knowin what the hell to call it, like, Amirah? Samir? fad-Labbas? Ablan? Dammit, Riordan why couldn't you make this shit just a tad easier...

Sam and Amir so proud of Rick for writing in a Muslim character and having her be happy in an arranged marriage (although slightly embarrassed by this dork who I really want to see more of) and still have her be an amazing and strong character


Percy Jackson: the Pen is Mightier than the Sword. (Does anyone notice that his shirt says 'Camp Halfies'?

FierroChase Magnus Chase x Alex Fierro

FierroChase Magnus Chase x Alex Fierro>>> but in a straight way

Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro | Yuri on Ice parody | Fierrochase

Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro | Yuri on Ice parody | Fierrochase