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How to Use the Psychology of Colors When Marketing

infographic: How Colors Influence People: The Psychology Of Color In Business Marketing. I love color and believe it does influence people.

Sean Gardner is a social media star who's become a friend. I really admire his insight and experience! Check out his blog: The 2morrowknight

I know this is true but I REALLY get tired of seeing blue websites Blue Website Design Keys Interactive Infographic

Color Science - A look at the psychology behind different colors.

❧ This infographic explains various prospective about what the colors and fonts to use for create a website also providing few statistics about font usage and color theory in website.

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Build your WordPress Website - Content Marketing Secrets to Simplify Your Social Media [Examples] image wp website infographic

What is Design Thinking? Infographic

What is Design Thinking? - Design Thinking is a process that is getting more and more attention in both the business world and the real world. Design Thinking spurs innovation and solves complex.

If you're selling a product or service online, having the perfect landing page is the key to pulling in those online sales. Formstack have created an amazing guide on how to create the perfect landing page and how it should look. All landing pages should have just the right amount of information the customer needs,…

How To Create The Perfect Landing Page

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page - How Design Translates to Users: 10 Key Landing Page features that draw in users.

Usa la atracción emocional en tu Web. #infografia #infographic #marketing

Usa la atracción emocional en tu web #infografia #infographic #marketing

Accessibility issues are important during design and development of e-learning solutions. This infographic summarizes the most important points which must be taken into consideration according to WCAG and Section 508 guidelines. #infographic #2012

5 Infographics on Web Accessibility for Designers

This infographic illustrates the amount of people in our population who are unable to access normal websites which don't take them into account. The infographic also lists easy fixes to these accessibility issues so web designers can quickly make a fix!

Clean up existing designs. Ever seen those sites that still have “Christmas Day sales” in the middle of February? Yeah, don’t be that business.   Keep your website up to date and let your visitors know your site is still active. This includes removing outdated banners, cleaning up broken links, and keeping up with web design trends.

Explore the top web designing trends for The infographic discusses the top 6 predictions that are set to rule the web design world in