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Арда,фэндомы,длиннопост,Трандуил,Thranduil ,Синдар,Квенди,Леголас,Арагорн,Нуменорцы,Атани,Украдено,фотошоп

Арда,фэндомы,длиннопост,Трандуил,Thranduil ,Синдар,Квенди,Леголас,Арагорн,Нуменорцы,Атани,Украдено,фотошоп

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Muhammed Ali Vs. Ryu , I want to play this game

Muhammed Ali Vs. Ryu , I want to play this game

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Yarn bombed stop sign

Stop Sign Flowers

Yarn bombed stop sign

HTTP 404 - Wall Not Found  To encourage the uptake of empty shops in the city. Use empty shops creatively to create a positive perception among businesses, local people and visitors. Raise the profile of local artists and art and cultural activity. Provide opportunities for both emerging and established artists to take part and sell and market their work. Cultivate collaboration and networking between people in the local cultural community. Develop the city’s profile as a city of culture.

A proposed wall piece from UK-based John Scarratt that also doubles as a clever advertisement. That 404 error page has made us all cringe before, but it’s also pretty funny.

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Barcelona Graffiti Heaven Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Funkpix Photo Hunter

Mexican Mother's Day march spotlights search for missing. Hundreds from different states in Mexico march in Mexico City against forced disappearance Thursday. Mothers and others march with pictures of their missing sons and daughters.

Mexican Mother's Day march spotlights search for missing

MEXICO CITY - Six years into a ghastly drug war, none of the top candidates in next Sunday's presidential election has offered a significant new strategy to win a conflict that has claimed

X-ray studies | by SHOK-1

The graffiti artist one has been playing around with a style which he refers to as X-Ray studies. This is a new wall he just painted using the X-Ray style.