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Deal (Bill Cipher x - Deal Bill Cipher x Reader Y/n lives in the town of Gravity Falls, working at the Myst.

Los hermanos son lo mas valioso que tenemos

Oh that's ok, it's not like I needed my heart!<<<<<FOREVER SOBBING/// i care so much about stan its not even funny

Finally done one Fight falls new comic! this plans to have 2 other part, but I'm still doing the storyboard.

Awkward sibling hug After beating up all the gnomes. Grunkle Stan : thank goodness there's no cops in the forest I decided to call the AU "Fight falls"! about Fight falls&nbsp;

aaaaaAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW THATS SO CUUUTTTEEEE!!!!!!<<<uuuummm no bills a psycho and ambles innocent I saw the movie that this is from

Tea party by Caramelkeks on DeviantArt----Is this a 'Con Air' reference?

Mabel Pines is adorable. Gravity Falls.

Mabel Pines is adorable. Gravity Falls.

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Ford Sideburns>>>> I love how Bill's called an ass just for burning off Ford's side burns. That doesn't matter, but the side burns? How dare he.