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Hiccup stopping Astrid from savagely killing Throk with her axe

Astrid is the best role model for girls everywhere. Be strong and kind and fierce girls.

Oh my dragon, I'm dying from laughing so hard! This is perfect! lol XD

Did you know that snotlout is hiccups cousin? If hiccup dies, SNOTLOUT ( yes, the horrible truth) will become chief!

valka is really tall

Here are the official height charts for How to Train Your Dragon Because we needed to know that hiccuo gotbtaller. But I love that he is finally taller than Snotlout

Look at Hiccup's cute little smile in the second picture.

Their faces, Astrid is all: "I'm concentrating on not dying, go away." And Hiccup is like: "Gotta play this cool, yes! I just talked to hot girl!

Lets play a Game by KannaAsa

And it almost kill´d me! The realistic Style or how else its calld is freaking difficult! But on the other Side it was really fun to try something new^^ This Idea camd .

This is so adorable :3 I love How to Train your Dragon

Awe poor Fishlegs :,( Ruffnut he's just being nice to you. Even Barf is looking at her like 'I think that was rude to say to him, you should have given him a chance.

idk if i saved this one before but idc, it's still scute

idk if i saved this one before but idc, it's still scute