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Image: Two giant pandas play with each other at Chimelong Giant Panda Center in Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park (© JASON LEE//Reuters)

Adult pandas have very few natural enemies. The few animals that will prey on pandas are: jackals, leopards, and the yellow-throated marten (a relative of the weasel that sometimes eats giant panda cubs)

Smiling Panda Bear!

Smiling Panda Bear!

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Sem co? nie można poleżeć sobie na zielonej trawce, przecież mamy już wiosnę :)

Week in wildlife: A Panda Bear sleeping at the Beijing Zoo

Week in wildlife – in pictures

A Panda Bear sleeping in the Olympic Games Panda Bear enclosure at the Beijing Zoo by Mark RALSTON


Panda :) this particular picture reminds me of an old childhood picture book…