sweet dreams little reader

Baby in big nerd glasses asleep on a pile of books. So cute. Totally going to have to do this with my future kids, like mama, like baby - book worm!

Baby Geek: One baby is simply dressed up as a 'nerd', clutching a smart phone showing equations and wearing glasses and a bow tie

Parents dress up their snoozing newborns in adorable nerdy costumes


I'm reading a book, I'm reading a book! Don't you evah evah interrupt me while I'm reading a book! Stotler this is so my future child~

i need this baby!

Nate did this picture - adorable ! Cute birthday picture idea even with a toddler that is sitting up and looking down at the mirror. Oh my goodness! What a GREAT picture!

"Hey hon, here's a good idea..let's put our baby on the precipice of our bed and we'll sit all the way at the other end and make out..Then we'll take pictures of it!  You know what else would be cute? If we didn't put a diaper on the baby..hee hee..and on our white duvet, too!"

This newborn pic is absolutely adorable, he is smiling! Also he's a pretty cute newborn, usually they are all squished and red and wrinkly the first week lol

Newborn photography pose ideas 23

Newborn photography pose ideas 75

Newborn photography pose ideas 23

To be done safely, shouldn't that still     use composites?

newborn photography Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Daniel LOVE THIS.this pose looks Natural and I love it SO much more than the propped up look using Composites. The everyday pose of a high school student!