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1974 Citroen DS 23 - Pallas | Classic Driver Market

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Cooler Than Before — dscitroen: Citroën DS

Why the Citroën DS Is Collectable - Photography by Rémi Dargegen for Petrolicious

Why the Citroën DS Is Collectable

Citroën DS - Photography by Rémi Dargegen for Petrolicious

La evolución del Citroën DS.. ¿Con cual te hubieras quedado? #Citroen #pinterest

Retour sur... La Citroën DS

The evolution of the Citroen ID/DS

Citroën DS Tissier - En los años 70 Pierre Tissier modificaba autos CITROËN en asombrosos vehículos de servicio. Actualmente el Garage Alemán Meilenwerk posee esta pieza de colección para el transporte de sus clásicos de carrera.

Citroën DS Tissier - in the Pierre Tissier modified CITROEN cars into amazing service vehicles. German Garage Meilenwerk possesses this piece in their collection for the transport of their classic race vehicles.

The Citroën DS's suspension may have changed the course of history in 1962, when French President Charles De Gaulle was riding from the Elysee Palace to Orly Airport in his DS. Gunmen opened fire on the car in an assassination attempt, and more than a few of the 140 bullets shattered the car's rear window and deflated all four of its tires. Due to the car's suspension system however, the President's driver was able to accelerate out of a skid and flee to safety.

Why the Citroën DS Is Collectable

Citroën DS Photography by Rémi Dargegen for Petrolicious

Citroën DS. Styled by Italian sculptor and industrial designer Flaminio Bertoni and the French aeronautical engineer André Lefèbvre. aerodynamic, futuristic, innovative with hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension (1955-75)

Citroen - DS 19 - // cars-bikes-and-things-that-move

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Diary Of A Radical Conformist : Photo

First stop the Moon! Citroën DS. More from The Audiophile Man at www.theaudiophile....

Old Cars Reclaimed by Nature Are Simply Stunning

No car maker has yet produced a car that is comparable in design to the Citroën DS

No car maker has yet produced a car that is comparable in design to the Citroën DS Mehr

Citroen DS 4-door Sedan 1970 3d model

Citroen DS - Automotive Work of Art.still the most beautiful car in the World, from any angle in my opinion.

Citroën DS19 Concorde by Henri Chapron 1964. Vanaf 1964: hoekiger daklijn en verhoogde achterspatborden

1964 Citroën Concorde by Henri Chapron

Citroen DS. Had no idea a 2-door version existed!

The Citroen DS was definitely a crazy design, even ore so at the time! A kind of UFO in car design.


Hot Rod Citroen DS Packs A Familiar Punch

citroen ds 20 Photo On our site you can find many photos of citroen ds 20 and other cars.

Citroen DS Pallas 1972 www.ds21.co.uk

Citroen DS Pallas 1972 www.ds21.co.uk

Citroën DS21 Présidentielle by Henri Chapron 1968 de Charles de Gaulle

Citroën DS 21 Présidentielle

Citroën DS 21 Présidentielle - a noticeable lack of the tackiest material now commonplace in car interiors: plastic.