"Sunshine" (close-up of female), John Larriva art

"Sunshine" (close-up of female), John Larriva art. For some reason her expression reminds me of a girl from an movie. Maybe it is the bush and eyeshadow

John Singer Sargent

°John Singer Sargent - Artist in the Simplon - circa 1909 - Fogg Museum of Art - Harvard University (United States - Cambridge, Greater Boston, Massachusetts) (LauChansArt)

Josias Scharf in studio

Josias Scharf in studio, shelving under painting - put on wheels

"Dark Amber" original fine art by John Larriva

Daily Paintworks - "Dark Amber" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © John Larriva

studio love

The scale! Preparing for the upcoming show in Tokyo:- Mayako Nakamura Solo show "One equals two equals one" Gallery Hinoki BC / Kyobashi, Tokyo 中村 眞弥子 展 ふたごの部屋 ギャラリー檜BC / 京橋