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I always wanted a baby calf

Have a pet cow! A Scottish Highland Cow would be perfect! (Actually, I would want a steer, not a cow.

What a 'mooving" face aww

Handsome Norman, a rescued veal calf, living out a happy long life at Snooters Farm Sanctuary in Ontario. Please protect Earth's animals.PLEASE DO NOT EAT VEAL.

Highland cow calf! Good god I just died of cuteness overload, baby cow!!!!!

Fluffy Scottish Highland cow baby (heelan coo) How can you eat such a cute baby?

The Natural Human Diet

The Natural Human Diet

Cute Pet Pig In The Snow - the red and black spotted piggies adorable

Angry? :)

Close up of Musk ox Mama and baby by Doug Lindstrand - I love Musk Ox. They are amazing animals.

Cow or dog?

Cow Breaks Into Her Family’s House To Wait For Them To Get Home

9 Cute Animals Vector Pack - Animals Characters

9 Cute Animals Vector Pack

Buy 9 Cute Animals Vector Pack by on GraphicRiver. A collection of 9 cute animals in vector format. List of animals characters included in the package: Cat, Dog, Rabbit.