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Creatology™ Painted Solar System Kit, $9.99 at Michaels. Provides styrofoam balls that could be hung instead of stabbed.

Creatology™ Painted Solar System Kit

Children and students get hands-on experience exploring space with this solar system model kit. This kit includes almost everything needed to create a model of the solar system, making it great for sc

Solar System Kits

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Shop Make Your Own Solar System Kits with Various Sizes Polystyrene Balls, Foam Pieces &Wooden Sticks for Kids Science Projects(Pack of 2 kits).

Master the solar system with this DIY kit! It comes with everything kids need to make their very own interplanetary world. <br> <ul><li> Solar system mobile kit for hours of astronomical fun </li> <li> Kit includes mobile hoop, string, stars and planets, colored clay, glitter and glue </li> <li> Comes with instruction sheet </li> <li> Designed for ages 8 and up </li> </ul>

Solar System Mobile

Are you a budding astronomer? Or maybe an aspiring alien? Be the master of your own universe with this awesome out-of-this-world builder kit. Use the set of planets and stars, c

Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids preview

Solar system mobiles: + Crossed sticks Paper spiral Cardboard circle Has to be in right order in distance from sun

How to Make a Model of the Solar System

In science class, children learn that planets orbit the sun. Building a model of the solar system, including the sun, eight planets and Pluto, reinforces this concept and provides children with a .

Free Printable Solar System Model for Kids preview

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