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Jim Denevan's geometric sand sculptures are made with little more than rakes and sticks and can span miles of North California beaches. The pieces take many hours to create but can often disappear much quicker as the incoming tide gently erases them.

mosaic standing stone

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Time-lapse photos of fireflies

Super-Long Firefly Exposures Tsuneaki Hiramatsu from Okayama City, Japan, uses long-exposure and multiple exposure photography to capture these stunning pictures of fireflies at night.

Michele Brown triptych acrylic and collage painting

Love the odd circles, could use something like this for photo frames. The Old Cells Studio - Michèle Brown Art: Long thin Triptych collage

Halftones Pack – 55 Free Vectors, Brushes, and Images

HALFTONES : This is an example of how a gradient is achieved just by using half tone dots across a page and a single colour.

#Fredericclad #Thefarm

50 pens suspended from the branches of a Weeping Willow tree created a drawing on a canvas placed beneath the tree. The tree is the artist! Isn’t that a super cool and innovative idea!

The 47 year-old Californian used garden implements and wooden sticks to create three miles of geometric pattern across the hot Black Rock salt plain.

Jim Denevan's sand art covers miles of desert

The huge complex designs he carves into sandy beaches are out of this world. Jim Denevan makes freehand drawings in sand. At low tide on wide beaches Jim

pearl-nautilus: ““Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone. Kindness in another’s trouble, Courage in your own.

Stone balance | Natural wedge/crack with balanced Sandstone … | Flickr

Stone Art :: Stone balance Natural wedge/crack with balanced Sandstone and stone.

eau verre

Ellen Urselmann very clever whimsical mixed media assemblage art installation sculpture dripping tap using an old champagne glass