Rare Disney Snow White "puffy" celluloid charm necklace

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs celluloid charm necklace. These are the puffy charms which are harder to find than the regular small, flat Cracker Jack charms of Snow White and the dwarves.

Yes, I remember home perms....my sister did mine!

Vintage Toni Perm Hair Curlers Rollers Swing Arm Rods Spin Complete 36 Curvers Waves Curls Home Permanent Hairdo Salon End Papers Uncurly

Stanley Roberts gold plated flatware, Golden Flower Garden pattern

Vintage Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Producttions Plastic Light Switch Cover in Collectibles, Disneyana, Vintage Housewares

Bath oil balls.

Bath oil beads were a popular gift item for girls. We often bought them for each other. Of course, bath oils made the tub very slippery. I survived bath oil beads!

Mustard Seed Bracelets

Richly carved beads decorate the Mustard Seed Bracelets and are an elegant reminder to believe in yourself. Each bracelet has a shaped charm with a mustard se

Forever: Judy Blume

My book club read this one. I read it for the first time in the grade. Teen sexuality told in real terms. Judy Blume is awesome. She is the queen of teen books and was writing YA before YA was a "thing"!

The cutting edge communication technology of the 70's! The princess phone.

The cutting edge communication technology of the The princess phone.

Wooden nut bowl with bark, and accessories

La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack