old abandon house Stock Photo.oh my i cant believe this has been abandon

An old abandoned house which may be just waiting for a new owner. Wouldn't it be beautiful restored and decorated for Christmas?

A former grand plantation home that's lost its glory. Its so amazing looking i would still live in it like that

What a beautiful old place. With taxes now, we don't live the way we used to so fixing this one up would be impossible which is so sad! Oh how I would LOVE to see the inside.There should be Tax Breaks for these Things

Sobanski palace, Poland.

“ More views of the haunted derelict palace in Poland. Shame to see such a wonderful building going to ruin! Beware of the bats… and the Count!

Makes me wonder what it looked like when it was built, who lived there, where did they go?

morbidcupcakes: malformalady: Hof van N., Belgium: Abandoned castle that once belonged to a noble family. Nowadays the chateau interior is in a very dangerous state of decay. Photo credit: © Kleiner Urbex I love this so much.

9 of the Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World. This one is in LaSalle, IL> and is restored.

9 of the Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World

The Hegeler Carus Mansion in Lasalle, IL In the the original owner set up a family business publishing books intended to introduce the American public to the works of the world's great philosophers.

Abandoned in Texarkana, TX

Pine Bluff, Arkansas a small river town that once rivaled Little Rock and Diet Smith in opulence, it's losing pulsation fast and its downtown is almost completely .

Dulwich London house, believed to be the only surviving century concrete house in England. at risk registry.love those windows and arches :) What a beautiful old building!

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This lovely old house on Seneca Lake, New York in the Finger Lakes is abandoned and empty. It is said to be haunted, and the fact that such a lovely house is left empty does indicate that there is some good reason no one lives here.

Old mansion.. bet this was something in its day

paranormal So many glorious old homes lost to time. When i get my way,il have my old home and il give it some help and some love

Abandoned house in UK

Stately in it's abandonment. Old Hickory Tavern in Couldersport, PA has been abandoned by its owner and declared a public danger and nuisance. Please, don't let them tear it down! What a gorgeous building to restore!

old abandoned mansions in Ohio | Franklin Castle, an abandoned mansion in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ohios haunted houses Cleveland Ohio - Franklin Castle, rumored to be haunted and contain secret passages and rooms.