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These giant pieces of candy and nougat by Kollektiv Plus Zwei get me all philosophical on the distinction between art, design and styling!

Kollektiv Plus Zwei find the sweet spot between art, design and styling

Lacoste: Nature

lacoste: Nature & art. (r e m a i n s i m p l e .)

poster for Mel Kendrick "Works from 1995 to Now"

Mel Kendrick is a sculptor of wood, rubber, bronze and concrete. This is a selection of his timber works which Mel hinges, joi.



Michael Kukla - laminated plywood sculpture that would make a great inspiration for a handbuilt clay work

Michael Kukla - laminated plywood, could you do something similar by piercing, laminating, then turning?

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I've had wood blocks on the brain lately as I've been designing jewelry displays for retail and sales purposes for my business. The moment I laid eyes on the gorgeous ombre painted wood pieces by Judith Seng, they were permanently burned into my brain. Now, I'm not only trying to figure out how to incorporate similar ideas into my jewelry displays, but I want them, in all sizes, around my home!

Ombre Painted Wood: Finding a Use for Something Beautiful

Judith Seng is a German designer who has worked with different studios to create interesting pieces (one of which is the super minimal design house Industreal). Her line of Trift Tables are solid w…

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Concrete Legos

LEGO made of concrete which are actually used for building and construction. These would be a good idea to build a wall from